The gold-standard for creating and broadcasting RealAudio® and RealVideo®
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RealProducer Basic is an application for directly convert several audio and video standard formats to RealAudio and RealVideo formats.
Converted files can be delivered on the Internet and be watched on any system equipped with RealAudio and RealVideo players.

Original files are examinated and re-encoded according to the RealAudio or RealVideo format standards, to obtain an stable audio or video output file playable on RealAudio or RealVideo players. The result can be streamed throughout the web and files will be ready for user webcast audio and video.

When creating RealVideo, the application maintains as much as possible the video quality and reduces the bandwith use (and cost).

Audio is directly converted using high quality parameters.

The application also captures broadcasts and live performances and saves them to a local file for later conversion (or playing).

As outstanding features, the application includes the possibility of configure the maximum size of the packet, support for .RA and .RV file extensions, Live Low Latency, etc. For better results, the broadcasting must be to Helix Server, otherwise, latency can't be set to 0.

The streaming media lets the user to receive information (in small packets) that are played on the user media unit one by one, without any interruption but the beginning buffering time.

RealProducer creates sreaming media from audio and video different sources. No matter if they are live feed or a digital file, the application can convert it to a RealMedia file.

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  • Good for broadcasting video and audio throughout the web. Good user guide.


  • Video conversion affects a little to the original image quality.
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